Importance of Proper Air Conditioning Maintenance

Just like any other electrical and mechanical equipment, your air conditioning system requires regular maintenance for it to run effectively. There are a lot of things you can do in order to keep your air conditioning system operating without a hitch.

Regular maintenance of your air conditioner comes with a lot of benefits. First, you get to cut back on your domestic budget as power consumption is lowered. It takes high amounts of power to run a piece of faulty equipment. You also won’t have to call professionals to checkon your faulty air conditioning unit regularly.

In order to effectively maintain your air conditioning system, you need to familiarize yourself with factors that may cause its failure. They include;

· Refrigerant causes 

This happens when your air conditioning unit fails to allow cold air to pass through the coils. It might be caused by a system malfunction or a leak. It is usually rectified by repairs around the leaks or a complete replacement of the refrigerant.

· Broken thermostat –

Though very rare, a damaged thermostat could be the reason why your air conditioning unit is not functioning properly. The thermostat allows you to regulate conditions in your house through its control panel. When broken, the control panels turns itself on and off or the temperature control doesn’t function properly.

· Lack of cleaning and maintenance –

ailure to regularly clean your air conditioning unit encourages the buildup of dirt and dust which eventually interferes with its efficiency. You should occasionally maintenance checks on your air conditioning system or have professional air conditioning service providers do it for you.

Maintaining your air conditioning unit

Your air conditioning unit is one of the most valuable and expensive investments in your house. Which is why you need to carry out routine checks and maintenance. Below are tips on how to maintain your air conditioner.

1. Replace/Clean the filter at least once a month

Cleaning the filters of your air conditioning system is an idea that slides past many people. It is not a backbreaking exercise and it will make a huge difference in the end. A buildup of dirt, debris and dust around the filter prevents a free flow of air into your living room straining the air conditioning unit as a result. A faulty filter should be replaced.

2. Clean the coils

The purpose of coils on an air conditioning system is to act as an absorbent of heat hence cooling your home. Dust and dirt accumulate on top of the coils over time making it harder for the air conditioning unit to keep your home cool. To avoid this, first, you will have to clean the space around the AC by clearing all the vegetative material. Next, remove the cover from the air conditioner. Using minimal force, scrape off thedirt from the coils.

3. Clean the fins

An air conditioning has a condenser and an evaporator with fins. The fins ensure efficient air circulation. With time, the fins start to bend which interferes with the functionality of your air conditioning unit. Regular maintenance checks are recommended.

4. Routine professional maintenance

Sometimes it is not enough to maintain an air conditioning unit all by yourselves. Between taking care of your family and chasing your career, air conditioning unit maintenance could be the last thing on your mind. You can have professional air conditioning service providers to it for you.

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