What to Do Immediately When You Realise Your AC Unit is Not Working

Do you think there is anything you can do with your heating and air conditioning unit before calling a repairman? Yes of course. In fact, it could be a minor thing that you can just fix yourself. So, before calling a professional aircon repair specialist, it is good to check whether you can diagnose the problem yourself. Actually, a typical repair contractor will charge you about 100 dollars per hour. This means that with some household tools and basic knowledge you can do the job yourself and save money. But if the problem is beyond your capability, consider calling an expert without delay.

Before you give it a try, ensure the routine maintenance has been done on your AC machine. If it has not been performed for quite some time, do not try touching the unit. This is because the problem is obviously beyond your capacity, but you can give it a shot by checking if the filter is dirty. Remember if the filter has not been changed in the recent past, dirt may have accumulated and it may be the cause of its failure.

To start your air conditioner troubleshooting, consider checking the thermostat to ensure is on cool. Check whether it is set lower than the normal room temperature. Although this may seem to be a minor thing, that is exactly the first thing a repairman will check before doing anything else. And remember he will still charge you if it is the only problem with the unit. So, make sure you begin there before getting into detail.

Next, check if there is any air coming out of the ceiling or floor registers. If you cannot notice any, consider checking if the fan on the outside is running. If it is not running, check whether the breakers for the air handler or furnace are on. If you realise the breaker is not tripped, then the problem can be an air handler or furnace control board and you need to call a professional to come and fix the problem.

Again, check whether the fan on the outside is blowing out hot air. If you notice the blower is not running but the outside fan is okay, then the issue could be the blower motor. In case the fan motor is not functioning, consider shutting off the power of the unit and check wire connections for damage signs. If some wires have been damaged, consider calling an expert to come and fix the issue.

Also, you may realise there is insufficient cooling. In case the compressor and condenser fan run but cooling is not enough, consider checking the drop of temperature of your system. Note that you should let the system to run for about 15 minutes before taking the temperature measurements. The issue with inadequate cooling may be as a result of refrigerant charge and a professional can fix that immediately. The expert will focus on the unit’s airflow.

To conclude, you should never try something you are not sure about. Remember that an AC unit is an expensive system and therefore you should not gamble with it. So, consider calling a professional air conditioning service whenever you get stuck with your troubleshooting.

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