How to Clean Your Heater

Among the preparations you need to make at the onset of winter is making sure that your heating option will work smoothly and efficiently as the days and nights grow colder. To ensure this, you’ll need to make sure your heater is clean and ready to operate for an entire season after being dormant for three-quarters of the year.

Here’s a quick and simple guide on how you can clean your heater with minimal effort. Spend some time over the weekend following these steps for a stress-free, warm and cozy winter season in your home.

How to Clean a Panel Heater

Dust can accumulate in the different parts of a panel heater, particularly between its inner machinery and its grate. This means you’ll need to clean both the outside and the inside of a panel heater.

  1. Make sure the panel heater is cool and hasn’t been recently used. Don’t attempt to touch or open up a heater that has yet to cool down.
  2. Remove the panel heater’s outside cover by loosening its screws or hooks, depending on what your model has.
  3. Place a wet towel or rug at the bottom of your heater so it can capture any dirt or grime that falls from your heater once you clean it.
  4. Use a brush to remove dust inside the heater. Ideally, you have a thin brush with soft bristles that can clean even the tiniest and narrowest nooks and crannies inside your panel heater.
  5. Clean the external area of your panel heater with a wet cloth and the cleaning agent of your choice.
  6. Put the cover back on and allow the external part of the heater to dry before use.

How to Clean an Infrared Heater

Before you start cleaning your infrared heater, read its instruction manual carefully to see if you can disassemble it yourself. Some infrared heater models are not to be taken apart at home and require the services of a professional

  1. Make sure the infrared heater is turned off and unplugged.
  2. If your infrared heater has a grate, wipe it down with a moist cloth to remove dust and dirt, and leave it to dry. Similar to a panel heater, you might need to disassemble this first so you can clean it properly.
  3. Avoid using feather dusters to clean your infrared heater – it will only stir up the dirt and dust in your heater instead of cleaning it out.
  4. Use a moist piece of fabric to clean the outer area of the heater.
  5. Allow the heater to dry before plugging it back on for use.

Some Additional Tips for Keeping Your Heater Clean

  1. Regularly clean your heater to avoid major buildup of dirt and dust. In the event that your heater hasn’t been cleaned for years, you might need to contact a heating repair professional.
  2. Always read the instruction manual before disassembling or doing anything out of the ordinary to your heater, to avoid accidentally damaging it or cancelling the warranty.
  3. Keep away from children or pets when you start to clean and do any kind of work on your heater.

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