Knowing your heat pump compressor

Heating Repair

The compressor is often considered the most crucial component or the heart of a heat pump because of its unique functionality to circulate the refrigerant in the entire system and form a heat exchanging cycle. Modern compressors have never been quieter and more efficient than.


But when the compressor fails to work, the entire operation of the heat pump will be threatened. Refrigerant can be circulated through the heat exchanger coils, resulting in no heating or cooling at all. This is why experts recommend checking out compressor’s warranty and reputation when purchasing a heat pump.


The two major functions of a compressor include increasing the refrigerant’s pressure by compressing it and maintaining the rate of refrigerant flow. When the compressor goes bad, you will start hearing different kind of groaning and screeching noises and ultimately entire refrigeration cycle grinds to a halt. At such situation, a professional heater repair service is crucial to help diagnose and fix the issue, usually with the replacement of the compressor.


Incorrect use of the heat pump and lack of proper maintenance is the primary reason for a compressor failure. Due to bad bearing or relay, the compressor may become overloaded and unable to make heat pump turn on. Dust buildups due to poor maintenance can also make your compressor and entire heat pump wear off and fail to turn on. Leaking refrigerant is another issue for compressor failure. Broken or loose connections to the compressor are the main causes of refrigerant leakage, which leads to icing over the coils.


Should you replace only the compressor or the entire heat pump?


Answering this question may depend on how old your heat pump is. If your heat pump is less than 5 years old, replacing only the compressor can be a more ideal option. However, a little more insight will be required for a heat pump that is 5 to 10 years old.


Here, you will need insights from professional HVAC specialist to help diagnose and determine the energy efficiency ratings when a new compressor is installed in you exiting heat pump. If you would lose huge energy savings with the existing heat pump, replacing the entire heat pump can be the ideal solution. After all, the labour charges for compressor replacement are often more than the labour cost of a new heat pump installation.


Buying a new heat pump is strongly suggested if the heat pump is more than 10 years old because energy savings would be minimal with such aged-old heat pump.


If you reside in Melbourne area and want your heat pump inspected or repaired before the winter’s chill actually freeze you or want a new heat pump installation, contact heater repairs Melbourne and let our qualified heater repair technicians offer you quality services.


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