How to Find and Fix Air Conditioner Leaks

An air conditioning system is a lifesaver during the scorching summer months, helping make the living conditions in one’s home much more comfortable for its residents.

But a faulty air conditioner can be a major headache for most homeowners, especially when they inexplicably break down right when they’re most needed.

One of the most common problems with air conditioning systems is a leak in the air conditioner unit.  A leak in the system would cause the air conditioner to malfunction and eventually stop blowing cool air completely.

How to find and fix air conditioner leaks can be a tricky process, especially if you don’t know what to look for and where to start looking. An expert AC technician would be advisable if you ever encounter this problem.

To resolve the issue with a leaking air conditioner, the first step requires that you or your AC technician is able to spot the leak and contain it, before adding the right amount of refrigerant that has been lost due to the leak.

There are three common causes of leaks in your air conditioner, the first one being a damaged overflow drain pan. The second cause is when your air conditioning unit’s condensate line has been clogged up. Finally, the third common cause of an AC leak is a dirty or clogged filter.

You might want to address this and other problems you encounter with your AC through the expertise of a technician, but in case you’d like to resolve this yourself, here is a quick guide on how to find and fix air conditioner leaks.

  1. What to do when your air conditioner’s overflow drain pan has been damaged.

Use a flashlight to inspect the overflow plan on your air conditioner. The purpose of the pan is to capture any condensation that comes out of the AC, and a leak might mean the overflow drain pan has been damaged and isn’t serving its purpose.

Should you find any cracks or broken corners or edges, any minor damage can be easily fixed by using epoxy glue. But for larger cracks or holes, it would be best to replace the overflow drain pan entirely.

  1. What to do when your air conditioner’s condensate line has clogged up.

One of the most basic lessons for AC technicians on how to find and fix air conditioner leaks is inspecting a unit’s condensate line and fixing it if it has been obstructed. The condensate line is how an air conditioner drains any condensation that forms inside it, caught by the overflow pan

and transported to the condensate line outside or into a drainpipe. When the condensate line has been clogged up, you can use either a vacuum or a hand pump to clear the pipe.

  1. What to do when your air conditioner has a dirty and clogged filter.

When it comes to the air conditioner filter, prevention and regular maintenance is key. Inspect your AC’s filter on a regular basis – ideally every one or two months – to check for signs of dirt and clogging. Depending on your air conditioning unit, you can opt to regularly clean the filter, or replace a filter immediately once it has become clogged and dirty.

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