Cool Facts About Air Conditioning You Didn’t Know

There’s so much new technology when it comes to air conditioning these days, and it’s hard to wrap one’s head around all the specifications, functionalities, and benefits that air conditioning servicing Sydney brings.

So how about you take a break from your air conditioning research and read on to find out ten cool facts about air conditioning that you probably didn’t know?

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  1. One of the first public places that ever installed air conditioning on their premises were movie theatres, as a way to entice people to visit and watch movies.  
  2. Several scientific studies have been made indicating that the creation and regular use of air conditioning systems have reduced the ability of humans to tolerate heat. Which means that what we probably call a scorching summer day now was probably not so bad for the many previous generations before us.  
  3.  Similar to measuring engines in horsepower, air conditioning systems used to be measured in “ice power” – that is, the number of blocks of ice it would take to generate the same amount of coldness. The metric has since been changed and renamed as AC units.
  4. Did you know that the origins of the first ever air conditioner has its roots in publishing? Back in 1902, a certain gentleman named Willis Carrier worked in a publishing company in New York where he was having difficulty with the ink on his printers running and the paper he was printing on uncontrollably expanding, prompting him to come up with the idea of the air conditioner.
  5. The rise of air conditioning changed the way architects design houses and buildings. Prior to the air conditioner, architects used to often include breezeways, high ceilings, porches and landscaping as ways to keep the home’s residents cool, but those weren’t as necessary with the advent of air conditioning.
  6. Did you know that the annual energy consumption for air conditioning by the United States is equal to the energy consumption the entire continent of Africa uses? This undoubtedly makes the United States one of the largest users of air conditioning systems in the world.
  7. In 1913, a mansion built in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the United States became the first ever home that was fully air-conditioned.
  8. In 2017, Daikin created the first ever fully-airconditioned bus shelter in India as a reprieve and temporary shelter from the intense Indian heat for commuters.
  9. In 1939 Packard, an automobile manufacturer produced the first ever vehicle that had the optional functionality of air conditioning. Unfortunately, the car was not a commercial success due to its high price and inefficiency: the mechanism that provided air conditioning took up nearly half of the space in the trunk.
  10. Before the invention of air conditioning, various industries, including schools, would either slow down their operations during the summer or take complete summer breaks due to the unbearable heat and awful working conditions. Thanks to air conditioning, most industries now operate year-round, but school systems around the world decided to stick with summer breaks (much to the relief of many students).


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