5 Tips That Help to Avoid Unnecessary Air Conditioning Repair Bills

You never know when the air conditioner will give problems– most of the time it’s when you need them the most! Instead of waiting for repairs, why not spend some time performing some simple maintenance so that your AC unit functions freely for as many years as possible? Even the simple task of changing filters reduces its energy consumption by 5-15% and prolongs its life!

  1. Maintain cleanliness

As your system moves air around your home, there apparently will be some spots where dust, debris and dirt collect and take its toll on your AC unit. So make it a habit to change or at least clean all filters every month when you use your system the most.

The vents inside your home collect lots of dust that is sprayed into your system when it’s switched on. This can be prevented by vacuuming the vents whenever you clean your house. It also helps if you have allergies!

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While vents blow in cold air into your home, dust, pet dander and other debris can accumulate on the unit’s intake vents. You can reduce the AC’s work by vacuuming and keeping them clean with your vacuum’s brush attachment.

  1. Don’t forget coils!

Just like regular changing of filters keep the inner evaporator coil clean, the outdoor condenser coil needs attention too, especially if the unit is near some debris source like dryer vent and tree with leaves falling. Keep inspecting the coil and trim plants so that they don’t overhang or drop onto the unit.

  1. Winter planning

If you won’t be using the unit in winter, it’s time you performed all your pending maintenance tasks like cleaning around the indoor unit and trimming the foliage around the outdoor unit.

Placing a piece of plywood or plastic atop your outdoor device may protect it from debris but make sure it doesn’t completely cover the system. There’s the chance of moisture accumulating and corroding the unit if it’s completely covered.

  1. Annual maintenance

Just like humans need a yearly medical check-up to ensure you are hale and hearty, an annual air conditioning tune-up by professionals helps minimize air conditioning repair. They will not only inspect the AC filters and coils but also measure refrigerant levels, check electrical connections and motors, clean the unit indoors and out, its drains and even the thermostat. Any problems the technician spots in a tune-up are taken care of before it grows into a more significant problem with larger repair bills!

  1. Restricted and proper AC usage

Lastly, restricted use of the air conditioner also helps reduce repair bills. It’s not necessary that you completely switch off the unit, but you could develop habits of not turning the temperature at the lowest when you get home. It doesn’t make your home cool faster but only keeps the unit running longer than needed!

Avoid continually resetting the thermostat as it wears the system. Instead, fit a programmable thermostat that automatically adjusts the temperature to your comfort. Closing the shades and blinds in the daytime also minimises the strain on the unit, and its wear and tear.

So instead of ending up with exorbitant bills, these few preventive measures go a long way in reducing the possibilities of large air conditioner repair bills.

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