5 Common Electrical Services Offered by Professional Electricians

When Thomas Alva Edison invented the electric bulb, it brought a whole new ‘light’ to the world and people around. Electricity is one of the most vital necessities in today’s world. Machines have been an integral part in every household for ages now and a machine cannot be operated without electricity.

Be that as it may, electricity still poses serious risks especially if the electrical repair problems are not left for the professionals. In this post, we shall discuss some common electrical services that you can avail from expert electricians.

Common Electrical Services Offered by Professional Electricians

A professional electrician can address several issues encountered by the client. In residential households, one can hire an electrician for-

  1. The Installation and Upgradation of Switchboards

A switchboard is the main power distribution source for the electricity to move from one place to the other. It has several circuits integrated into it. If you are facing electricity issues like flickering lights, a frequent power outage due to the usage of machines that requires high-voltage, etc., you must call an electrician to fix these issues.

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The solution is usually a switchboard upgrade or the installation of a new switchboard altogether. For people who are staying old constructions also need a switchboard upgrade for safety reasons.

  1. Wiring Panels and Electrical Rewiring

One must consider calling upon a professional electrical services provider if they are facing situations like buzzing sounds in their electric panels, the wiring in the sounds is releasing current (electrical shock), the switchboards panels have discoloured, frequent sparks in the electrical outlets etc.

This is an indication that the internal wiring of the house, the receptors, and electrical outlets need a complete rewiring. An electrical specialist is quite equipped to run through all the major electrical points in the house to advise the panel change or rewiring option.

  1. Installation of Skylights

Skylights can give a room or the entire house an aesthetically new look. Installation of skylights is quite in demand these days when people opt for a renovation of their living space. This technique is very common in hotels and other commercial spaces.

A professional electrician, with his knowledge and expertise, can install a skylight which harmonizes gently with natural light (sunlight). This gives a new dimension to the look of the house. The electrician can also help save electricity by performing the correct alignment of the electrical wires with the motor of the skylight.

  1. Installation of Smoke Detectors and Alarms

Smoke detectors help evade a lot of fire accidents in a residential space. This makes the installation of smoke detectors and alarms a necessary component to be installed in houses, especially kitchens and places where fire or smoke is found.

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The right place to install a smoke alarm is in the bedroom as they help the owner call help as soon as the alarm rings. A professional electrician is aware of the right wiring and installation techniques for him to install a good smoke detector and alarm to help save the lives of people living in that space.

  1. Installation and Repair of Data and Phone cables

If in Australia, an electrician with an ACMA license (Australian Communications & Media Authority) can also help with the electrical repair and installation of the data and telephone cables. These electricians carry the required tools to carry out the work which is otherwise the forte of a telephone cable or data cable technician.

If an electrician has the expertise of both areas, the client also saves time as he can get two things done by one professional. This kind of help is also available in other countries to enhance the experience of people and help them in their busy schedules.


An electrician is certainly an important member of the society, who can resolve some of the major concerns a person faces in his day-to-day life. They can save us from many mishaps we may encounter due to loose wiring.

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