4 tips to ensure your air conditioning is prepared to handle summer weather

Although October and November can bring relatively cool and comfortable temperatures, it will not be long before the summer months bring hot temperatures and dry spells. Quick Air wants to ensure homeowners know when it comes to air conditioning servicing to keep the system running well all summer.

Clear Vegetation Away from Condenser

Although visually pleasing, plants growing near the condenser can impact the airflow of the air conditioning unit. If there are bushes and shrubs near the condenser unit, they should be removed or trimmed back because they will impact the airflow, causing the air conditioning system to work harder to cool the home which will mean higher power bills and could potentially reduce the life of your system. Bushes and brush also make servicing of the unit more difficult.

Replace filters

One of the most effortless ways for homeowners to set up the air conditioner for hot summer climate is to change the air filter. The filter traps dander, dust and other little particles found in the air. An obstructed air filter will make the HVAC system work harder than it ought to cool. Homeowners should remember to change the air filter toward the beginning of each season, or contact professional air conditioning repair service.

Clean vents

Vents and registers are an important part of the whole air conditioning system. HVAC Systems that did not run much during the winter or first part of the spring, may have allowed time for dust to settle on the vents and registers. Once the HVAC system is turned on the dust can be taken into the system or blown into the air.

Check the thermostat

Checking the thermostat is a stage each homeowner ought to do when beginning the HVAC system for spring and summer operation. Homeowners ought to additionally check to verify the thermostat is not in direct daylight, situated almost a warmth source, or filthy. Thermostats ought to be situated in central areas, for example, a living room.

If you find any faults get your air conditioning or heater repaired by a professional.

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